We Are Constantly Innovating By Using Next Generation Construction Timelapse Camera Technologies And Systems.


Our TLS 1 is a proven, rugged, reliable, autonomous long term timelapse camera system with web connection capabilities, always-on back up battery, Solar panel, 4k timelapse, integrated heater/ cooler and many other features.


The TLS 2 is our 6k Full-frame DSLR timelapse camera system with all the expected capabilities of a state-of-the-art long-term timelapse system, cloud-based storage, solar panel, remotely programable trigger and much more.


If you need to face the most extreme weather conditions, we would recommend you the TLS 3 which we can entirely customize depending on your needs, this system has been successfully used in timelapse projects in the Canadian Arctic as well as in scientific bases in Antarctica.

All our timelapse camera systems include accessible on-demand cloud storage service as well as local storage as a safety backup